One Lump or Two?

Luke and I are always talking about getting another dog.  I’m always for it, Luke always has a reason to be against it, but recently he’s come over to my side and we’ve been thinking more seriously about diving in and expanding our family.  It’s been exciting, only now that recent developments have meant that having two dogs is a real possibility, I’m the one having doubts.

A friend of mine got a puppy a couple of months ago and unfortunately, she has neither the time nor the motivation to train him and keep him happy. She’s lucky that he’s a sweet dog and smart enough to mostly train himself, but she really shouldn’t have this pup.  He’s coming to stay at our house for a week while my friend is away and she’s been half joking, half seriously saying things like “maybe he just won’t have to come home” and “maybe you can just keep him”.  I’m all for it, he’s a great little dog, still young enough to train, and I know he’d be 1,000% happier living at our house with Molly than in the conditions he’s living now.

But then I worry.  What if he really does become our dog?  Nothing will be the same.  Molly is such a good dog, she’s more like a child than any other dog I have ever known.  She listens and she sticks by us.  She’s almost never on a leash and runs free and unsupervised outside every day.  We take her places without worrying about her doing anything wrong (except for when she marches into Amanda’s house and promptly pees on her rug on New Year’s Day… so embarrassing).  I forget she’s with us a lot of the time because she just hangs out and behaves.  This will most certainly not be the case with this new pup.  He doesn’t know any commands, barely knows his name, and is a six-month old male, which pretty much equals mischievous little bastard.

You see, when Luke and I talk about getting a dog, we talk about it like we talk about winning the lottery.  In abstract and positive terms.  Wouldn’t it be fun?  We could do this, and this.  Molly would have someone to play with. We’d all be a big happy family, tra-la-la. But in reality, it’s a heck of a lot of work.  Molly might not get along with him.  It’s expensive to feed, care for, and medicate (with Heartguard and Frontline) one dog, let alone two.  What about when we go places to visit?  Can we bring two dogs?  How will they both ride on the motorcycle?  Luke will have to build a doggie sidecar for the two of them.

I don’t know.  It’s exciting to think about, there are certainly a lot of positives, but I’m just not sure.  I know that everyone goes through this when they’re thinking of getting a second dog.  Heck, my sister and I had a similar conversation when she was newly pregnant with her second kid.  I guess it’s just one of those things you just jump into and hope for the best.  It’ll work out, we’ll make it happen.

Of course now that I publicly puzzle this out, it most likely won’t happen.  But still, it’s a good test for possible future second dogs.



  1. My advice: 1) Make sure you are SURE because once you have two you’re stuck there for life. It’s so sad to think of a dog losing his/her mate. When they do you will feel the need to replace the mate and be in a two dog cycle for the rest of your life. And 2) you know you can ‘rent-a-dog’ whenever the mood strikes, or two for that matter 🙂


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