Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Organized

OK, you can hate me a little. Look at this cute, little shelf I just put together to organize my fabric and sewing things.  I’ve even organized my fabric by color and labeled the totes with little chalkboards.  Sickening, isn’t it?

On a side note, sorry for the grainy pictures.  The tone of the walls in my studio are the perfect shade of light-sucking pink that I am unable to ever get a good picture in there with my little camera.  Now if only I had a DSLR camera like someone I know who hasn’t even picked hers up since she got it for Christmas…

I love these shelves.  They’re by Closetmaid and I get them at Lowe’s.  They’re sturdy and inexpensive and after assembling three of them now, I’ve become an expert at shelf-building.  You can buy doors for the shelves, or these cute canvas cube totes that fit perfectly in the openings.  I’ve used mine for holding fabric.  The other shelves hold my crafty books and sewing patterns, plus some extra bulky pieces of fleece.  The shelf fit perfectly in this empty corner that previously held nothing but dust bunnies.  I needed more storage and more light in this corner so this shelf was exactly what I needed.

On top I have containers of zippers, ribbons, and binding.  Also some fun flea market finds, and a lamp I bought at the Salvation Army and brought back to life.  It was ugly, tarnished brass and cost me $4.99. A light sanding and a few coats of spray paint and it looks shiny and new.  Now it makes me happy to sit at the sewing machine and look over at my organized corner. Sigh…



  1. Soooo hard not to hate you. And didn’t I tell you that I didn’t deserve a DSLR? One of these I’m going to take a picture. Just you wait and see . . . But don’t hold your breath. I don’t want to be responsible for killing you.


  2. I didn’t think it was possible…but I do believe I’ve met my match in you Lisa. Your organizational skills exceed even my own! How on earth do you do it? Honestly I can’t wait to have my own place all on my own. I keep moving in with people who’ve already lived in a place for a while and I feel like I’m living in THEIR home. I need my own space to be creative with! ::SIGH::


  3. I don’t hate you…I’m just going to hire you out to come over and organize my house…right after you get past the 3 screaming children and 2 overpowering, intrusive yet happy-to-lick-your-face dogs. 🙂


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