Lady Marmalade

Luke has corrupted me. A few days ago, if I told someone I was planning to make grapefruit marmalade, I was able to do so without hearing Christina Aguilera singing in my ear.  Now, thanks to Luke, I have to resist offering everyone a sample of homemade mar-ma-laaaaaad.

This little culinary adventure started with my love for the pink grapefruit marmalade made by Stonewall Kitchen. Unfortunately, they charge the painfully steep price of $8.95 for a jar of it, so I don’t get to enjoy it often.  But recently, with so many recipes flying around the Internet for citrus marmalades, I thought that maybe I should try making my own.

I followed this recipe, simple, inexpensive: just two grapefruit, a lemon, and some sugar.  A few hours later, I wound up with six half-pint jars of chunky, delicious, sweet and sour happiness.  This was my first time properly canning anything and it all went surprisingly well.  All six seals popped, nothing broke, I didn’t burn myself, I consider that a success!  Now I’m somewhat obsessed.  I’m thinking of other marmalade combinations.  Maybe clementine-lime?  Cranberry lemon?  I think I’m going to start buying bulk bags of sugar at BJs.

Now how do I get that song out of my head?


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