The After-Christmas Slump

I’m in it. Big time.

I’m at home on vacation until January 5h and, although you would think I would have all the time in the world to write and update, all I can manage to do lately is sit on the couch and Twitter from my new iPod (thank you Santa Luke).

I’ve also become addicted to my other new toy, a Roku Netflix Player which allows me to stream movies directly from the Netflix website to my TV.  It is seriously the coolest thing and Luke and I have now become obsessed with early ’80s TV shows.  We’re working our way through season 1 of the A-Team and it’s even better this time around.

It seems like a month ago that Christmas happened and rather than bore you with the details, I can say that we all had a great Christmas, everyone got very cool gifts, Luke and I both woke up at 5am (because we’re 5 and wanted to see if Santa had come? not sure…) so we had a nice, early start on the day.

We celebrated the annual Girls’ Day In with my mom, sister, and friends the day after Christmas at my sister’s house and she dragged me to the movies to see Marley & Me.  Once Marley grew old and I knew the inevitable sad parts were coming, I told my sister I was ready to leave.  I might have left, too, except that we were sitting in the front row because the theater was so crowded and I would have been spotted sneaking out by a packed theater of 300 or so.

So anyhow, here I am, sitting on the couch with a warm puppy and a comfy blanket and three seasons of the A-Team, Night Rider, and Weeds to watch, so I think I’ll settle in and work on being lazy again.  Posting may be light here for the rest of 2008 but I’ll pick back up after the new year.  I’ll be Twittering, since I can do that without much effort, while playing with my iPod, so if you miss me lots you can hop on over there and see what’s new.


One Comment

  1. Oh my God, Greg loves all of those shows – he has been renting Weeds and has been TiVo-ing Knight Rider lately. Can he come over, so I can get my TV back?

    I hope to see you tomorrow! Happy New Year!!


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