You can’t say I didn’t try.

You may be aware that I get these crazy ideas.  Some are good, some not so much.  My most recent was a serious FAIL in the candy making department.  There’s this simple recipe for what my sister calls “Becky Balls” (because it was Becky who first made them for her) which are crushed Oreos and cream cheese in a chocolate shell.  Well for some reason I keep having the urge to make them different and better.  For instance, remember last summer when I tried to make them into lollipops?

Another fail.  (No you’re not going crazy, those aren’t crushed Oreos.  These were the peanut butter ones I tried to make.)  So my big idea was to make little Becky Ball hedgehogs.  I had seen hedgehog-shaped candies in a catalog and thought they’d be adorable at our Christmas party.  And Becky Balls would be simple and yummy, I’d just roll the melted chocolate in sprinkles and stick a Hershey’s kiss on as the head like those chocolate covered cherry mice everyone makes.  You know, like these.

Well then I had to go and get all fancy.  I had white chocolate in the pantry so my grand plan was to make white hedgehogs with white sprinkles and white chocolate kisses.  Well did you know there are no such thing as white chocolate kisses?  There are Hugs and there are candy cane Kisses (ohmygod so good!) but they’re all striped.  No solid white chocolate kisses exist.

And if I could go on a slight Hershey’s tangent here for a moment, did you also know that there are cherry Kisses?  They taste like chocolate covered cherries.  I thought that the peanut butter and caramel Kisses would be the death of me, but than I bought a bag of cherry Kisses and a bag of candy cane Kisses and holy cow, maybe this is why my jeans are tight.

So anyhow, I proceeded full of hope and expectation that I would be the queen of cute candies and then I dipped the first Becky Ball.  The white chocolate was sort of thin and the sprinkles didn’t really apply smoothly.  Then, my brilliant idea to cover the Hugs’ stripes was to dip them in white chocolate which produced, what look to me like nipples.  Not really what I was aiming for. Not hedgehoggy at all.

Since I still had a sheet full of naked Becky Balls and I still had a bowl of melted white chocolate, I decided to make the best of a failed and possibly a little obscene situation.  Behold my creation: Oreo Snowballs.



  1. If the closest store wasn’t 20 miles away I would run out this minute and buy the candy cane kisses. Please tell my Santa that these exist and I’ll be expecting them in my stocking. And please remind him NOT to leave my stocking where Peanut can get to it this year. That’s all. Thank you!


  2. Those are hysterical! But the last batch looks delicious.

    I’ve had some Christmas goodie mishaps too . . . like when I thought I knew which food coloring combinations would make green (should be easy, right?); well, I starting squirting in the color on to find my cookie dough looking brown, not green. So I added more color. And more. They were no longer brown, but a lovely shade of purple. Everyone thought I was so Martha. ha! My first and only batch of purple spritz cookies. Ah, the memories!


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