Weekend Roundup

Well we survived the flood waters.  The river never really approached the house, we didn’t lose any trees, and the only big difference was that our picnic table was forcibly relocated from the bank of the river to a more inland location.

There’s also a lot of ice frozen about six inches off the ground (where the puddles used to be) which made walking around by the river yesterday interesting.  The icicles in the river are very cool, too, but Luke was cold and I was told I was dawdling and so I only got a couple of shots.

We spent most of the weekend working inside the warm house.  I finally made something for myself:

I made another batch of these and cut them out with my apple corer which proved to be a brilliant idea because they ended up looking like very fancy candies that I spent a lot of money on AND the circle-cutting left a lot of scraps which Luke and I were quite happy to get rid of.

We managed to watch six Christmas movies, including about half of the new Miser Brothers movie, which I have to warn – do not watch it.  First off, it’s never going to be as good as the first, it’s just not possible.  Secondly, Santa’s voice is all wrong.  And thirdly, in the first movie, Santa’s elves were named Jingle and Jangle.  In the new movie, Santa speaks to his elf and calls him something very wrong like Bob or Jason, I can’t remember.  Jason is not an elf name, I’m sorry.  But anyhow, while watching the movies, both good and bad, I made 600 of these for a project I finished, but forgot to photograph.

I’m an expert at the blanket stitch now.  See, I made a tree skirt, too.

I think that’s about it.  So what did you do this weekend?


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