Ready the Ark II

Remember the last time the river came up to knock on the back door?  Well this morning I woke up to this shocking sight again.

Unfortunately the back yard view from the house is so unremarkable when it isn’t flooded so I don’t really have any good non-flood pictures to use as a comparison.  Here’s the best one I could find.  This was in May (man, it was green!) notice the busted wooden bench at the foot of the tree in the center:

Here’s a similar, less green view from this morning.  See the same bench much close to peril:

Molly doesn’t quite know what to make of this.  She just stands and stares at all the water.

Some views are actually quite pretty in a swampy, Everglades sort of way.

Don’t show this one to my insurance company, but this is the water in relation to the house.

I shot these all in panoramic mode so they’re a little squashed in the small format of this site.  If you want to get the complete experience, go here and look at them in full size.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go start gathering the pairs.


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