Lux Presents: HOLLYWOOD!

Is it possible to be nostalgic for a period of time that I never experienced?  If so, then I am nostalgic for the 1940s.  I love the late-40s setting of “A Christmas Story,” especially the scenes when Ralphie sits in front of the family’s radio to tune into his favorite show.  I wish I could do that.  I love old radio shows and wish they still existed with the same magical qualities that the old ones had.  The fantastic advertisements, the phrases like “smart girls use Lux Flakes,” the diverse accents and turns of phrase – there’s just something so elegant and refined about old time radio programs.  Nowadays there are podcasts and shows like “A Prairie Home Companion,” which I do love, but they’re just not the same.

Two of my favorite old radio broadcasts come out every year at Christmas.  I’m sure I must have mentioned them before, I gush about the every year.  They are the Lux Radio Theater (or thea-tah, as they pronounce it) broadcasts of “Miracle on 34th Street” and “It’s a Wonderful Life”.  I just got new copies of each on CD from Amazon and I couldn’t be happier.

Not only do you get to listen to the original casts of the movies reinact the stories for radio, you also get the recipe for turning Lux Flakes into sparkly snow for decorating the Christmas tree (mix one box of Lux Flakes with two cups of warm water and stir).  Also Edmund Gwenn flirting with Maureen O’Hara at the end of “Miracle on 34th Street” is priceless, and the live audience’s reaction to Jimmy Stewart’s George Bailey saying “Mary, are you on the nest?” in “It’s a Wonderful Life” is worth the $4.98 alone.

Get them today and we can reminisce together of out childhoods sitting in the den in front of the old radio, listening to The Adventures of Little Orphan Annie.  Oh wait…



  1. As a child of the 1940s, family and I listened to Lux Presents Hollywood every Monday evenings at 6.p.m. We would not never think of missing the radio show.


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