Does this count as decorating?

Luke’s very strict about not decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving, which is actually a good thing because knowing me, I’d put up the tree in October.  He jokingly scolded me the other day for having ornaments on the counter in the kitchen (I had just bought them), and he gave me a sideways look when he saw I was watching ‘A Christmas Story’ this morning.  I had to stress to him that the pile of presents I had just wrapped and left in the living room (where the tree will be in two short days) did not count as decorating.  I’m just ahead of the game.  I’m not sure I convinced him.



  1. Hi, Lisa! It’s Michelle from DOP. Hadn’t been to your blog in a while. Wondering what kind of dog is Molly? So cute!

    Thinking poodle mix? (if she’s full-breed please don’t be insulted) Cockapoo? We have a cockapoo who I’ll be blogging about soon!

    Hope all is well. And happy Turkey Day!


  2. Hi Michelle! Molly is 100% mutt, and proud to be. The best the vet and the groomer could come up with is Schnauzer-Cockapoo. So what would that be? Schnockapoo? It’s a good mix, whatever it is.


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