In the middle fo my sewing machine breaking and having to wait three years for it to finally be fixed, I managed to make this cute pleated bag from Amy Karol’s book Bend The Rules Sewing.

My resemblance to my sister in this shot is creeping me out.  I never thought we looked particularly that much alike, but from the nose down we seem to be the same person.  Weird.  Only her hair is shorter now.  And she wishes she had these pants.

Aside from the itty bitty pleats in the apron I made, I’ve never sewn pleats into anything before.  I was scared, but the instructions in the book were simple and straightforward and I love how they look.  I used a heavier canvas-type fabric for the patterned parts and a plain cotton for the solids.  That made for a couple of really thick areas where the inside pleat met the outside pleat, but overall I think the project was a success.

Did I mention that this is a Christmas present for someone special?  I’m tempted to keep it for myself.  It’s a perfect size, but I already have too many bags.  Plus that would be very mean.  So what’s next?  A couple more bags, some potholders (if I can ever get them to come out right) and hopefully a cute bunting like this one.  Stay tuned!


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