En Vacance

In honor of my dearly departed vacation, I propose a new “10 Things” this week for all of you interested in playing along.  After the last one, I realize that ten is a lot of things.  How about we do the slacker version: “5 Things”?


1. Hawaii (of course)

We went to Maui for ten days for our honeymoon four hundred years ago (well it feels like that long ago).  It was amazing as only Hawaii can be.  Beautiful and exotic and fun to be there as a new married couple.  Since it was so long ago that digital cameras weren’t invented yet, I only have a couple of pictures that I scanned, including this one which was taken in a pineapple field at the end of a Maui Down Hill bike tour (which I enthusiastically recommend – and not just for the kissing amongst the fruit part).

2. The California-Nevada Odyssey

Another vacation before the age of digital cameras.  I don’t have a single picture of this trip, which will rank up there as possibly my favorite trip of all time.  And Luke wasn’t even there.  My parents took my sister and me on our very last family vacation, just the four of us, the fall before I was married.  They brought us to their favorite places in California and Nevada, and possibly other places.  It was like 20 cities in ten days, an amazingly gorgeous blur.  We went to San Francisco, Monterey, Big Sur, Yosemite, Truckee, Reno, Sacramento… where else?  I’m sure I’m missing something.  We saw amazing views and national parks.  Redwoods so big it made my chest hurt just looking at them.  Beaches and gardens and eucalyptis trees that smelled so strong they made me sneeze.  We saw the Golden Gate bridge through the clouds and had to all buy fleece jackets from street vendors because, holy cow, it’s cold in San Francisco.  It was a perfect trip and I don’t think I’ve ever thanked my parents enough for taking us there.  So thanks Mom, if you’re reading.  That was an awesome vacation.

3. Maine, pretty much anywhere in the state.

I would go anywhere in Maine anytime.  Want to go now?  My family tends to go to the southern part of the state – Wells, Ogunquit, York – every summer.  The beaches and the scenery, the shopping and the eating, I’ll take it all.  Last year we went to Old Orchard Beach for the first time; I fell in love with that area, too.  I’ve been to Portland (so beautiful and funky) and Bar Harbor (gorgeous!) and so many places in between.  A sailboat ride out of Belfast?  That was pretty darn amazing.  Christmas caroling at a monastery in Kennebunk while the snow sprinkled down on us?  Couldn’t be more perfect.  Eating lobster rolls at Perkins Cove while the waves wash in along the Marginal Way?  Heavenly.

4. Lake George, NY

Although Luke and I went camping in Lake George one summer when bike week wasn’t happening, the last several times we’ve been there it’s been during Americade, the annual motorcycle week at the Lake.  Even with all the people and bikes, Lake George is gorgeous and the whole lakes area is amazing to see.  The roads wind on forever.  You must go.  You will not be disappointed.

5. New Hampshire (all of it)

I feel the same way about New Hampshire as I do about Maine.  Like I was born a bit too far south and really I was meant to live further north.  I love new Hampshire and have never had a bad trip there.  Even the year we rode up to bike week in Laconia and it rained the ENTIRE WEEK.  We managed to find some great B&Bs to dry out in, and some fun restaurants to spend time in.  We even got to ride up Mount Washington on the bike first thing in the morning when the road was freshly groomed and the sky was clear on the only dry day of the week. That was pretty amazing.  We’ve hiked in the White Mountains, camped all over, stayed in some cozy motels by Lake Winnipesaukee.  It’s all been great.  I love NH.

So that’s it.  I know I should have listed Andover, CT as my favorite place to vacation since that’s where I spend 90% of my vacations, and I do love to have a week at home to relax and get things done, but there’s nothing like leaving responsibility and dirty dishes at home and taking off to someplace new.

So tell me, where are your five favorite places to vacation?



  1. Oh fun, fun. This one is easier for me. And I just HAD to comment on the fact that you were married before digital cameras where invented. How old do you feel now? Wait a minute . . . even I have digital pics from my honeymoon. Does this make me younger then you? hee hee. OK details. So maybe it was my second marriage. Who’s counting anyway?


  2. Okay, I have never been to Hawaii, but Doug and I went to Monterey and Big Sur in August 2005. This made me wonder why I still live in CT. We went to visit Gunther. We took motorcycles and rode down Route 1, and ate at the Nepenthe, and, of course, drank lots of wine! I found my new love for Justin wines while out there. I still have yet to try the Isoceles. Of course, York, Maine is a favorite of mine…got married there! And have family in New Hampshire, although haven’t been there latley. My latest “dream” destination is the Florida Keys…next time Buffet plays there!


  3. You guys all make me feel lame. Sigh… Bora Bora? I didn’t think real people actually went there. Sanibel Island? The Keys? Ug, I need a real vacation.


  4. I was following the comments for this post, and your final sigh made me giggle!

    As great as Bora Bora was, the common thread in all the trips I’ve taken is the chance to stand in awe of God’s creation. Mountains, ocean, forest–I love it all! Just give me a few days to see nature at its best, where I can be quiet to think and pray and write . . . ahhh. That’s my kind of getaway!

    Sounds like you’ve been to more locales on the East Coast–we have to travel quite far to get anywhere interesting (we live in central Illinois). But we have a great airport w/Airtran to Atlanta! So we can get to Florida in just a few hours, which is great! What a blessing.

    So fun to hear where people have been. Great post.


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