New Beginning

Sometimes I think that knitting has to be the ultimate practice in patience.  Sure, I could buy a scarf for $5 at Target, but I’d rather spend a year knitting one with $14 worth of yarn.  Knitting, screwing up, ripping out, starting again, this is my knitting life.

This past Wednesday I finished my first wristwarmer.  I cast it off the needles, tried it on my hand, and… meh.  It was OK, but I could do better.  The thumbhole was a little small.  I should have made it ten stitches wide, not six.  The cuff rolled up, I would have preferred to have a ribbed cuff.  So I took one last look at my two weeks of knitting work, sighed, and ripped it back to nothing.

I’ve started over with the ribbed cuff, and I think I’m going to like it much better.  At this rate, I should have both writswarmers done at the end of November provided I don’t tear them apart again.  Patience, must have patience…


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