Some Inspiration

Editor’s note: this suggestion was not meant to imply that anyone is boring or lazy.  It was meant to help those with no idea of what to write, to write something completely different.  Also, it’s not a requirement or an assignment, just a suggestion.  OK, you may read on…

So some of my bloggy friends seem to be floundering about, trying to come up with something to write about these days.  (Yes you, and you, and even you.)  I have an idea.  I propose that we all write a ten things-style post each week, all about the same thing.  It doesn’t have to be sappy or sentimental, nothing long or complicated.  You can add links if you want, or you can just make it quick and simple.

Let’s write about our ten favorite websites.  (Come on, you must have at least ten.)

Since I hang out online to replace the fact that I have no coworkers, I have about 60 favorite websites, so I’ll tell you my 10 most recent favorites.

1. Twitter. I still can’t believe the fact that I love Twitter.  I used to think it was so useless (much like an apple peeler/corer/slicer) but now it’s my favorite thing.  It helps me feel less alone throughout the day.  Where most people talk to a coworker when a thought or a frustration comes to mind, I talk to Twitter.  To my virtual friends and coworkers.

2. Beauty That Moves. I found this site through a round-about she linked to her and she linked to her… type of thing, but as it turns out we only live a few towns away and she’s a vendor at my favorite Farmers’ Market.  Small world!  She has a beautiful website where she writes quiet thoughts about her life – cooking, parenting, crafting – it’s a lovely place to visit.  Also go to her Etsy shops to see some wonderful crafts and vintage goodies.

3. Nothing But Bonfires. I think I’ve mentioned this site before.  Holly is funny and adorable and she travels everywhere and works for Travelocity.  Also she just got engaged to her boyfriend Sean and she has great clothes.  In short, I want to be Holly.

4. Thursday Night Smackdown. She’s hilarious, she swears more than Luke, and she cooks!  That recipe from yesterday for apple muffins four ways is from her site.

5. Knitting Help. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve visited this site to watch the instructional videos.  I learned to knit a cable from this site.  Also I just recently learned to make a buttonhole for the thumb of my wristwarmers, and how to cast on a different way that I knew how.  An awesome site.

6. Loralee’s Looney Tunes. Funny and real.  I started reading her site recently when another site linked to her post about the anniversary of losing her son to SIDS.  It was such an honest post about emotion and heartbreak, I had to keep reading.  She’s funny and neurotic, and not afraid to share.

7. The Bureau of Communication. This is just a goofy time-waster but it makes me laugh.  How many times lately have I been tempted to send unsolicited feedback, or a formal apology?  The forms are interactive (you can fill them out on the website) and you can email them to their intended recipients.  Too funny.

8. Moo. I Twittered the other day about ordering my Christmas cards from Moo and apparently some people hadn’t heard of this site because The Optimistic Diva went nuts and spent half her day poking around there.  I love Moo.  The site is cute, the quality of the products is phenomenal.  Go check it out.

9. Polka Dot Cottage. I’ve been enjoying this site’s general craftyness and I am amazed at Lisa’s talent with polymer clay.  I read through the Weave Cane tutorial yesterday with awe.  I thought I had paience.  Compared to that Lisa, this Lisa has no patience at all.

10. Etsy. I know I’ve said it many times before, but I love Etsy.  Have you been there lately?  Did you know you could buy crocheted flower arangements there?  Or tattoo necklaces?  Or awesome nightlights made from recycled tin cans? And amazing art for cheap?  Go, shop, smile.

So there you go.  My ten things, with a bit of explanation thrown in for good measure.  So what do you think ladies?  What are your ten things?


  1. Ha! I have you fooled! I have no patience whatsoever. That weave cane is the most complicated clay cane I’ve ever made (successfully, anyway) and there’s a reason I rarely do it anymore. lack. of. patience. 😉

    Glad you’re enjoying my blog!


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