An Open Letter

Dear October,

Please, could you cut me some slack?  Seriously.  You’re beautiful, have I told you that lately?  But you’re really starting to annoy me.

You started out all lovely and pleasant and I relaxed enough to let my guard down.  Then you swooped in and severely kicked the crap out of me.

Fractured bones, crazy coworkers, harsh comments, a bad hard drive on my PC, and now you’ve given me a broken sewing machine.  What’s next?  The flu?  (NOTE: Please don’t take that as a suggestion. January gave me the flu twice in one month a couple of years back, I think I’m good for a while.)

Was it because I was bragging?  Because I was doing a little happy dance that my Christmas shopping was going well and I was starting to think about snow and going to buy a Christmas tree?  I’m sorry, I take it all back.  Remember last week when I made pumpkin butter and an apple pie?  See?  I’m enjoying you and all your fall-ness.  I promise I’m not trying to rush you by.

But really, did you have to go and break my sewing machine?  Now I’m going to be without it for a week or so, which means that my Christmas projects are most certainly not going to be finished by the end of the month.  I can’t even buy the rest of my gifts because I have to pay $89.95 plus the cost of parts to have my sewing machine fixed.  That’s all of my shopping money.  That’s a pretty cruel trick, October.

We have two weeks left of each other, I propose a truce.  I will promise not to “accidentally” play Christmas carols on my iPod; I’ll keep the thoughts of wrapping paper and Christmas movies to a minimum; and I’ll bake a pumpkin pie.  In return you have to back off.

Stop breaking my stuff (nephews included) and let me have a decent week this week.  I’m on vacation next week and I promise to celebrate you to the fullest extent.  Now seriously, how about a little more bright sunshine and crisp autumn air, and a little less tension and broken hard drives?  Please.

Lots of love,



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