After a string of pretty craptacuar days, I have a feeling that things, they are a-changing.

Why is that?  Well I came in to work (at 6:55am, I may add) to find this on my desk:

Hmmm… interesting.

Anyone familiar with West Hartford Center’s fancy shops would know that a box from Kimberly Boutique is sure to contain something lovely and girly.  The card said, “To Lisa, Love Leo”.  Remember Leo? He’s very thoughtful (and a good shopper).  Inside the pink and brown box, I found these:

A pair of soft and luxurious, pink and gray wristwarmers!  Leo reads my mind.  He should do Luke’s Christmas shopping.

The funny thing is that I brought the wristwarmer I’m knitting in to work today so I could take a picture of it once the sun came up.  See?

I’m making progress.  Last night I knit the thumbhole (while watching another kind of hole debate Obama on TV…) so this one’s nearly done.

It’s amazing what a little gesture like this surprise gift can do for a person’s mood.  It was the catalyst I needed to get my happy day started.

Now my gift to you, to help make your day a happy one, too, is this link to a Mr. T Coloring Book scanned and recaptioned for your reading and coloring pleasure by Jim from Sweet Juniper.  This one is my favorite.  If Mr. T can’t brighten your day, I don’t know what will.



  1. Since you just got new wrist warmers you obviously don’t need the ones you are making . . . how much? I want them! There’s no chance in the world that I will ever learn how to sew a thumb hole.


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