So Funny, I Forgot to Laugh

Right, so yesterday, moments after I wrote my last post about tr-la-la how LOVELY everything is, and how you just COULDN’T be unhappy on such a nice day, my day exploded.  I had a colossally rotten day and the whole grumpy ride home I was bitterly laughing at the fact that I had written that fluffy post just that morning.

Luke is taking a class for work this week just up the road from where I work so we’ve been carpooling.  I used to love carpooling with Luke, that is until my word turned upside down and third shift caused me to enjoy getting ready for work ALONE in the morning.  Now there’s someone there asking me if I started the coffee, and where’s the cream cheese, and he goes into the bathroom just as I’m about to – CAN’T HE READ MY MIND?  When did I become such a grumpy non-morning person?

The problem is that carpooling with Luke means that I have to get up in the middle of the night.  Seriously, when the alarm went off today, it was pitch black out and I saw the moon shining high and brightly.  How do you early-risers do it?  This morning the alarm was set for 5:15, approximately two hours before I usually set it, and three hours before I actually get out of bed some mornings.  I am blessed with a job that has very flexible hours and doesn’t require me to clock in, and I generally take full advantage of this.  In other words, I haven’t seen 5:15am since I last went snowboarding and had to get up early to drive to Vermont.  And that was a very long time ago.

I wanted to take some pictures of the Christmas crafting I finished this weekend, but last night when I got home from work it was dark.  This morning when I go up it was still last night, and all of my pictures looked like this:

Pictures for tomorrow don’t look very promising either, as I don’t expect to be home until after 6:30 tonight.  Just picture in your head a brown corduroy tote bag and matching throw pillow with embroidered horses on them, a funky pleated handbag, and several jars of pumpkin butter – oh, also spicy roasted pumpkin seeds.  And my wristwarmers are progressing a bit, I can almost cover my wrist with the first one.  A couple more days and I may be able to knit in the thumb hole.

So there you go, apparently you still CAN be unhappy when fall is as beautiful as it has been.  But at least it’s not snowing, right?



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