I’m not sure why my pictures came out so crappy today. Just don’t look too closely or you’ll go cross-eyed with the blurriness.

On Tuesday during the presidential debate I started knitting my wristwarmers.  As is my impatient style, I started to knit without a pattern and ended up knitting the first one way too big.  Last night I tore apart what I had started and began again (after peeking at mitten patterns at Jo-Ann’s and getting a better idea of how many stitches to cast on).

I’m kind of glad that I started over because I tend to do this weird thing where I connect the things I make with the memories of what I was doing or watching at the time.  For instance, the starlings on my wall, I watched Dodgeball while I was painting them and now whenever I look at them, I think of Dodgeball.  When I was canning apple butter the other week, I was watching a marathon of Gilmore Girls reruns.  Now when I eat apple butter, I think of Lorelai.  So my thought was that anytime I put on my cute wristwarmers, I was going to think of the presidential debate and all that frustrates me right now.

Instead I’ll think of clowns since I was watching Pushing Daisies when I started knitting all over again. Crazy, drunken clowns.  Hmm… maybe I should rethink that one.



  1. You may or may not be aware that I am petrified of clowns. Please don’t think of them, unless you are re-playing a horror movie in your head.


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