I have printed off and torn out countless recipes involving tomatillos that sounded interesting, but I have yet to get around to making any of them.  This weekend at the Farmers’ Market, when I thought it was my last chance at fresh tomatillos, I grabbed a pint and figured this week I’d go wild and make something new.

The nice farmer took pity on me for coming out to the market in the pouring rain and gave me a half-pint of grond cherries to take home, too.  I smiled and thanked him and thought “what in the WORLD are ground cherries and now what am I going to do with them?”

Apparently they’re in the tomatillo family.  A bit like a cherry tomato, kind of like a grape.  Most websites describe them as tasting like pineapple.  Luke thought they tasted like cornbread (?) but I think they’re like a cross between a green grape and a cherry tomato.  Very mild and subtly sweet.  But what do I do with them?

Several wesites recommended jams or pies, and almost everone recommended dipping them in chocolate.  I’m not all that fond of pies, and I just finished canning apple butter so I don’t think I’m into making jam at the moment.  Plus the fact that I only have a hlaf-pint.  Chocolate-dipped I think it will be.  Now what to do with the tomatillos…


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