All Cynicism Aside…

If you have a moment today or tomorrow, please visit the NieNie Benefit Sale on Etsy and grab yourself some beautiful handmade goodies donated to benefit Stephanie and Christian Nielson.

You may not have heard the story of Arizona blogger and mother of four, Stephanie Nielson and her husband Christian who were critically inured in a plane crash several weeks ago.  If you’d like to catch up on the story, read this brief, or this article.

I was an occasional NieNie Dialogues reader, but after hearing about their accident I haven’t been able to stop thinking about Stephanie and her family and how one day you’re life is beautiful and the next, it’s a painful struggle for breath.

I’ve been keeping tabs on Stephanie and Christian through Stephanie’s sister’s lovely website C Jane Enjoy It, and was thrilled to hear about the benefit sale today.  I was logged in to Etsy and waiting at 12:55 for the 1pm sale to begin.  By the time I made my purchase at 1:10, there had already been 105 sales!

Please visit, help if you can, and enjoy the beautiful generosity of the wonderfully interconnected Internet community.

See?  I am capable of writing something completely void of sarcasm and complaints.  Amazing, isn’t it?


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