Dating my Husband

Third shift has had a strange affect on my marriage.  I see Luke so infrequently, and usually not at our best times.  At the end of my day – when I’m most likely wearing stretch pants and a fleece sweatshirt, and the beginning of his day – when he has only one eye open and he’s not looking forward to another night of work.  This isn’t the best situation, I’ll be the first to tell you that, but now whenever we do see each other on the weekend or a day off, it’s like we’re dating.

I took the day off today and we’re headed up to the Big E to enjoy some farm equipment and fried dough.  This morning as I was getting dressed, I felt this weird, fizzy feeling which I realized was pre-date excitement.  I was humming.  I wanted to look nice, I even shaved my legs.  For my husband.  Who I’ve been married to for eight years.  Even I think that’s kind of cute.

Now I’m sitting at the computer, nervously waiting for my date to get home from work so we can leave.  Overall, I have to say that Luke working third shift really stinks, but times like this I realize how much I do love to spend time with him, and that almost makes it worth it.


  1. Hope you have a great time. You picked an awesome day. And I know exactly what you mean. Traveling separately for work has the same effect. Absence makes the heart grow fonder!


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