The Internet Needs a Hug

I usually like to update here everyday, not because I think you couldn’t live without knowing what’s happening in my exciting world, but because I genuinely like to write everyday.  Lately though, I’ve felt like I don’t want to write.  I just want to keep my mouth shut.

It seems like the entire Internet is grumpy right now and I’m feeling it myself.  Bloggers are writing about the rude comments they’re getting, and trolls on their sites.  Others are writing about how unhappy they are, or the things that make them angry.  I think Amalah said it best the other week on Twitter when she said, “I maintain that the Internet has Seasonal Affective Disorder. The Crazy kicks off in September and peaks around March.”

September is always a particularly crabby month for me, I don’t know why, but I recognize each year that it is.  I generally feel stabby, I hate my job, and I feel the need to reevaluate everything from the location of my furniture to the interest rate on my car loan.  It’s not a happy month, but I know that by October I’ll be happy again, my living room will be rearranged appropriately and I’ll love my job again.  I just have to wait it out.

But right now I just want to stuff a sock in it.  All I do is complain, and if I’m not complaining, I’m accidentally offending someone or forcing myself to be perky and writing some soulless drivel.  What I’m geting at is: I’m sorry.  I don’t want to abandon anyone here, but I may be taking a day off here and there just to avoid writing another acid-fueled rant about something I should just keep to myself.

So is it just me?  Is anyone else feeling like you alternate between lashing out at everyone and sticking your foot in your mouth?



  1. It’s my birthday month too! I am working like a dog but I love September. Save the grumpy for February when we’re all cooped up inside and drinking the last of what our liquor cabinet holds. For example.


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