Blocks and Dots

I knocked another item off of my to-do list from earlier this summer.  You may remember the floorcloth I painted for my sister last Christmas. When I bought the canvas for that project, I ended up  with enough to make three of the size I made Andrea’s.  I figured that I’d do something with the extra eventually, but I haven’t touched it since last December.  A few weeks ago I decided to stop procrastinating and start working on a welcome mat-sized floorcloth for myself.

Jessica from How About Orange had just announced some new, beautiful fabric designs at the time I was staring at newly bound and primed floorcloth waiting for inspiration to strike.  If you can’t tell, I loved the rectangle and dot pattern of her “Boardwalk” print, so I set out to create my own design inspired by her fabulous fabric.

After painting a couple of these now, I can see why people can charge so much for them.  A quick ebay search had them priced anywhere from $50 to over $800.  I’ve seen small welcome mats in shops for over $100.  If I were to sell this one, which measures about 22″ wide by 46″ long, and charge for my time, I’d have to sell it for a million dollars.

One night I spent several hours measuring, cutting, ironing, and binding it.  The next night I spent about three hours priming it with four coats of paint.  The next night I laid out the design which took another couple of hours.  Then a week of painting every night, six coats of polyurethane, and you’ve got yourself a serious labor of love.

I do love the way it came out, and once Luke will allow himself to actually step on it, I think it’ll make a great welcome mat.  I was considering making a couple more of these small rugs for Christmas presents, I guess I better get a move on.



  1. Wow, this is really well done! Of course, if you sell them, the millions you make will end up in my pocket because the design is copyrighted :). You did a beautiful job; I agree with Paula above: who could bring themselves to step on it? It’s too nice!!


  2. Don’t worry Jessica, after all that work, I’d never sell this one and I wouldn’t want anyone to have one like mine so I wouldn’t reproduce it either. Your copyright is safe with me!

    Thank you for the kind words, they’re especially nice coming from you.


  3. Great job on the floorcloth. I love the block/dot design and the colors you used. Floorcloths are very time consuming, but so worth end result.



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