Well it only took me, what, a year?  I finished my green cable scarf.  I’m ready for winter now.  Actually that’s a lie.  I’m frankly shocked that it’s already the 11th of September and when did it start getting dark at 7pm?  I stop paying attention for a few days and fall sneaks in.  Sheesh.

Last night I went out on the deck to take a picture of the scarf in the natural light.  The whole herd came out with me and Bentley, the oldest and generally laziest of the three dogs took off down toward the river.  Little bugger.  I went off after him and we all ended up taking quite a nice walk by the river.  We were headed back up to the house when my favorite thing happened.  Bentley got a bit frisky and started chasing Molly.  They do this a lot but I’ve never been able to film it.  This time I had my camera ready and caught the spunk in action: (click here if you can’t see the video)

They’re so cute.  See clueless Peanut standing there wondering what’s going on?  Also please ignore the weird color, the camera was on the wrong setting.  I love watching them play.  We went back to the house and Bentley panted for about a half an hour, then resumed playing with Molly for the rest of the night.  Everytime I looked over at them, Molly was either pouncing on Bentley’s head on daring him to chase her.  Poor Peanut just watched and played with the cat toy she’s claimed as her own.

Now that the neverending knitting is done, what’s next?  Well I’m almost done with this project, and then I’m going to start on Christmas presents.  Many things to sew, a couple of things to paint.  I’m determined to be finished with all of my gift buying and making before Thanksgiving so I can send the entire month of December eating cookies baking.  But let’s not think about that right now.  I may have my scarf, I’m still not ready for all of that.



  1. so fun to watch them run around, but watching
    peanut do nothing is just as funny.
    i love the scarf. i just picked up some yarn
    a couple of months ago and want to make one
    too. can you send me the pattern some how?
    glad you are having fun with all the dogs.


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