Who Asked You?

This morning on the local news, I heard that 57% of those polled approved of Sarah Palin.  And I thought, WHAT?  Who did they ask, her family?  No one asked me.  But maybe they did.

I’ve successfully removed myself from the telemarketing lists and very rarely get phone calls.  In fact, if you happen to call my house, I might sound annoyed when I answer because I’m just not used to the phone ringing.  Sorry about that.

One list I can’t seem to get off of is the survey list.  Maybe once a week one survey or another will call and want my opinion, to which I always reply, “I’d rather not participate, thank you.”  And then I hear the news reporting that 57% of those polled approve of Sarah Palin.  Maybe I should start participating.

The problem is that the one time I agreed to participate, I was so annoyed and had the almost unbearable urge to slam the phone down and hang up on the surveyor.  It was years ago and it was about possible improvements to route 6 – a road that I live nearby and have lived in the vicinity of for most of my life.  They said it would be a quick survey so I agreed.  And then twenty minutes later after answering five different ways whether I would prefer more or less traffic?  In the morning or the evening? Is route 6 more or less dangerous now that it was five years ago?  Ten years ago? Aaaahhhh!  Click.

Given this new, “no one asked me” feeling, I thought maybe I’d be more open to giving out my opinion, so today when I was having a quiet lunch at the library and an eager-looking student asked if I’d answer some quick questions for him I figured, what the heck.

“Do you believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God?”   That was the opener.

Followed by, “Do you want to go to Heaven?”

“Do you believe that all good people go to Heaven?”

And then the zinger of a closer, “How could you not believe that Jesus Christ is your savior when he died for your sins?’

Excuse me?  This “survey” was for a “paper” he was writing.  I work on a college campus and this was definitely a college-aged person, making the whole class assignment thing believable, but this, to me was offensive.  I did not ask to be saved over my Cheetos at my lunch break.

That’s it, I’m not giving out my opinion anymore.  I would rather not participate, thank you.



  1. hey, Lisa! I’ve enjoyed your blog over the last weeks weeks, commenting here and there . . . Not sure if you’ve popped over to check my blog, but if you have, I’m guessing it was obvious after a bit that I am a Christian.

    That said, I want to apologize for the arrogance I sensed in the tone of that student (I’m guessing he is a believer too). Sometimes Christians can be a huge block to anyone wanting to talk about spiritual things.

    Anyhow, for what it’s worth, I am sorry and ask for forgiveness on behalf of another believer.

    Sincerely, Erin

    P.S. I feel the same when I hear those poll percentages. I think they are pointless! And after the last election, I think it is obvious the country is split 50-50 in political issues. I keep reminding myself that about half the people think as I do, and about half think otherwise. So hard to keep at the forefront though!


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