I Knew It Was Coming

This week and part of last, we’ve had the pleasure of watching our two favorite lazy house guests: Bentley and Peanut.  And I’ve been waiting for that message from their worrisome mom, Paula to ask, “are they causing you any trouble?”  She always asks that.  And to answer that, I give you this photo of a typical moment in our household:

You know, it’s a tall order, asking us to watch these two.  First there’s all the stepping over them as they sleep all day.  Then there’s the convincing them to play outside because all they want to do is go back in the house.  Then… well no, that’s pretty much it.  The best thing about having them stay over is the comedy of Peanut.  She’s just goofy, she runs funny, and she keeps disappearing in the house, only to be found sleeping in our bedroom closet.  Weird little thing.

So Paula, please don’t worry, the pups are being perfect house guests.  They’re no trouble at all.


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