My Dress: An Update

So I chose he black one.  Luke convinced me that it was the best choice and I’m glad he did because it’s one super comfy dress.  Plus the shoes were miraculously not torturous and actually quite comfy.

The one good thing about going to a wedding where you know no more than six people there – you know no more than six people there.  So who cares if you look like a fool?  We danced all night.  We barely sat at our table.  I even attempted to dance the Cha-Cha Slide but I’m convinced that the lyrics to that song are there only to screw you up because I made a total ass of myself on that one.

Most of my pictures are grainy because I hate to use the flash and step on the toes of the photographer who is actually paid to be there taking pictures, but I can tell you that Kelly and Marc looked so happy and beautiful and we’re thrilled that they invited us to the wedding.  Now they’re off in Disneyworld and I’m hoping that Ike doesn’t ruin their well-deserved honeymoon.

More pictures of the ceremony and the debauchery that followed are here.


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