My Spectacular Powers of Avoidance

I went shoe shopping again on Tuesday.  Still on the hunt for dark brown, semi-sexy, not harmful, peep toe shoes to go with my dress for the wedding THIS SATURDAY.  Oh, and by the way, since you asked, this is the dress.

That’s a terrible shot of it.  It’s much cuter in person.  I got so tired of taking bad photos of myself standing still that I decided to twirl in it.  Much better, I think.

So anyhow… shoes.   I went to the mall on Tuesday determined to find shoes.  And I did, see?

It’s always easier to find the shoes you’re not looking for than the shoes you need to find BEFORE SATURDAY.  They were on sale for 75% off, they were cute, and they were just what my tired, wedge-wearing, weary feet wanted when I walked into Famous Footwear.

But moving on, I took the advice of a couple of you and went to Macy’s.  I looked around and around at the shoes and was disappointed to find that the perfect shoes that I have pictured in my head were not there on the shelf.  Deflated, I headed toward the door, walked through the dress section.  And stopped.  And bought myself a dress.

It makes sense, right?  I can’t find the shoes to go with the dress I have, maybe I just need a new dress!  I love this dress.  It’s cute, it’s comfortable, and coincidentally, it was also 75% off.

Maybe it’s all the episodes of Swingtown I’ve been catching up on lately, but this dress flung itself off the rack at me and demanded that I buy it.  I love the flowy, 70s style of it.  But guess what?  I still needed shoes!  I went back up to the shoe department, now looking for BLACK semi-sexy, not harmful, peep toe shoes to go with my NEW dress for the wedding.  No dice, but I did go back to Famous Footwear where I found these babies.

And, as far as dress shoes go, they’re actually pretty comfortable.  Bonus!

I got home Tuesday night feeling happy that I had a new outfit that I loved and felt comfortable in, and then I went out on the deck to take these pictures last night and now I’m not sure what to think.  Both dresses look hideous.  I look hideous.  Maybe I should just return the new black one and wear the white one.  But then I still don’t have shoes.  GOD, WHEN DID I BECOME SO SHALLOW??

Even the dogs thought I was being ridiculous and after the eleventy billionth attempt to get a good shot of me in the dress, they started jumping in the shot.  Ug.  What’s a shallow, self-loathing, flip flop-preferring girl to do?



  1. Thanks for all the laughs. I think you looked great in both dresses and I LOVE those little sneakers. Hey, if all else fails, just wear some jeans, your yoga t-shirt and put one of the dog’s bandannas on. What could be cuter than that?


  2. I actually tried those on in red! I loved them. Sadly they didn’t love me and they killed my feet. But I do love the idea of red shoes.


  3. This sounds like a page ripped out of my own journal. Just when I think I’m beyond all such fuss, something like this happens, exposing me! 🙂 I think these goose-chases occur b/c I’m so busy trying to find a match that is cute and inexpensive–that takes more time. If I were willing to plunk down more money, shopping would take much less effort!

    Hope the outfit comes together! Both were great.


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