Much Better

Thank you to everyone who voted. By a 7 to 2 vote, you’ve given me permission to throw that awful book under the oil tank and move on to better, sassier, and pinker reading. Which I did immediately with The Debutante Divorcee (thank you Amanda). Quite fluffy, quite pink.

On an unrelated subject, although it does fall under the heading of Things That Are Now Much Better, I would like to publicly thank Netflix and congratulate them on their customer service. The week before last, there was some sort of gremlin in the works at Netflix HQ and the DVD shipping was out of whack. Netflix was the first to alert me of the issue with a big banner on the site telling me that they screwed up, they were working on fixing it, and they were sorry.

I didn’t get any movies at all last week, and the one movie they said they sent over the weekend never arrived. I went through the standard “report a problem” process to say, hey, I wanted that movie, (Definitely, Maybe), please resend. Today I got an email from Netflix apologizing for the issue, giving me a free rental, and crediting my account for 25% of my monthly fee.

They admitted they made a mistake, they assured their customers that they were working on the issue, they apologized, AND they gave their customers free stuff to show how sorry they were. Bravo Netflix. You’ve just made a customer for life with what could have been a frustrating and annoying glitch. I wish some other companies (Sprint, I’m looking at you) would follow suit.


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