It’s a sickness.

I don’t want to be Martha Stewart, I swear.  She’s far too stuffy and her decorating has that “don’t touch me” uncomfortable look to it.  I doubt a dog ever lays on her couch.  But still, when I know that people are coming over to the house, I obsess over the smallest details and drive myself insane.  I call it Acute Martha-itis.

Seriously, like my friends and family are really going to look in the corner behind the rocking chair, see cobwebs and run, screaming from the house.  Or they’re going to look around and think, those plastic lawn chairs look shabby, I’m not going to come here anymore.  I know it’s crazy but I can’t help it.  When people are coming over, I want everything to be perfect.

Last month when our friends from Ohio were visiting, I prepared for their stay by redecorating the guest room, painting the hallway, and buying new furniture for the deck.  I ended up spending all of my vacation money before they came and I know for certain that no one even sat on the teak bench I bought or noticed the new paint in the hall.  But I felt better knowing that everything was perfect.

This Friday I’m having a small Lia Sophia party at the house and I’ve started to go insane already.  There are only about six people coming, two of which are my mom and my sister, but still I’ve been baking for days, cleaning like there’s no tomorrow, and last night I decided that I needed to make a new table runner.  I needed to.  I stayed up until 12:30 finishing it, but this morning I felt better, groggy but better, knowing that it was finished and the shelf by the stairs, (which no one will even notice), will look perfect.

I have to say that Jo-Ann Fabric has really stepped it up in the fabric department.  These two fabrics are new this season at Jo-Ann’s and I love them.  I even bought an extra couple of yards of the lovely turquoise print fabric in the hopes of making a skirt to wear to the party.  Thankfully they don’t carry Amy Butler fabric or I might decide that I need to sew new curtains before everyone arrives on Friday night.



  1. Your post made me laugh… especially when you talked about making curtains for the guests. I’m kind of like that too. Before I have visitors, I go around like mad taking care of a whole bunch of little details that I don’t think they’d even notice anyways. But it makes me feel better! Take care & have a great day… oh, and yeah, JoAnns has definitely stepped it up!


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