Can You Picture It?

Have you seen that show on TLC where they try to convince a couple to buy a raggedy old house by showing them slick, computer-generated images of how the house could look if only they dump another $100k in the house and pretty much level the whole place?  This show amuses me for many reasons, one of which is that the computer generated images are so lovely mostly due to the design of the rooms, the paint colors, the furniture, etc. which is not included in the $100k estimate for giving the raggedy home a radical facelift.

The second reason this show amuses me is that I cannot, for the life of me, figure out the before and after views of the room.  Like they’ll show the dark hallway and dank furnace room of the “before” then show the computer generated “after” shot of a sunny master suite which used to be the dark hallway and the dank furnace room and I cannot sort out, in my head, how that happened.  I can’t visualize the new room while seeing the old room, they’re so different that I can’t see how they’re the same place.  Maybe it’s because I’m not actually there, seeing the “before” spaces.

On a similar note, I have some fun before and after pictures of our home that are likely to confuse the heck out of you, too.  The previous owners of our home had a radically different decorating… style? that I’ve spent the past six years trying to undo.

For instance, would you believe that this master bedroom, with it’s grass green carpet, sponge painted walls, and acrylic mural over the bed:

is the same room as this one?

Or this lovely (cough) guest bedroom from 1972:

Could have become this bright guest room:

and then, finally, my pink studio?

Here’s my favorite.  Can you see how this beige wonder of wooden clutter:

became this kitchen and dining room?

And last, but not least, this barely even looks like the same room to me, and I’ve been living in it.  I sat in it before, I took this picture, and still it’s amazing.  Here’s the living room, looking down the hallway, before:

and after:

Here it is from the opposite side, standing in the hallway, before:

and after (hi Molly!):

These “after” shots were all taken almost two years ago, so it’s even time to update those.  Furniture has been added, artwork has been hung, and a window has been removed.  I’m still amazed at how far we’ve come from the sticky, yellow, nicotine-covered beige house we moved into, to the colorful, warm and cozy place we’ve made.



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