Friday Already?

Going back to work after vacation is never easy.  This week has been long and hard and I’ve been wandering in a fog.  Apparently I’ve switched from being a morning person to being more of a night owl. This doesn’t bode well for my ultimate dream of one day being a Starbucks morning manager.  Luke leaves for work at 11:45pm and I’m wide awake.  I read, I sew, I wander the internet, I force myself to go to bed, then when the alarm goes off at 7am I am dead to the world.  I feel jet-lagged.  I need coffee.

In any event, here’s Miss Stinky modeling my new prototype dog tag after her 14th bath in just as many days.  Seriously, just as the skunk smell seemed to fade, she found some deer droppings to smear all over herself.   I’ve been making dog collars for the shop recently and I thought it would be cute to offer different tags to hang from them.  This one is made with Shrinky Dinks and has her phone number on the back.  Cute, no?  She’s a good quality tester, we’ll see how it does in the river this weekend.

Well I’m off to drink more coffee and pry my eyelids open.  Have a great weekend everyone!



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