Gossip of the Starlings

A few weeks ago, sitting under the dryer at the hair salon, I read a review for a new book called “Gossip of the Starlings” by Nina de Gramont.  I can’t tell you a thing about the story or what the reviewer thought of it, but I can tell you exactly what the cover of the book looked like.  It was a white background with silhouetted birds sitting on a line and I love it.  I knew immediately that I wanted to paint it somewhere in my house.   I got home and looked around and decided on this odd wedge of a wall between the kitchen and the dining room.  (I almost forgot to take a “before” picture, so that’s my ladder and my laser level there in the shot.  It was also 9pm so the color is all weird and ugly.)

I found some old gray paint and mixed in some purple to get a nice shade to compliment the purple on the walls.  Then I used my laser level as a guide and freehanded the birds on the line.  Here’s what it looked like this morning.

I painted them last night while Luke was asleep and cleaned everything up before he got out of bed so now I’m waiting to see how long it takes him to notice them there.

I’m pretty happy with it.  I had imagined that the birds would be smaller when I pictured it in my head, they look much bigger in this photo, like turkey vultures, but they’re really only about six to eight inches high.

I think I really enjoy painting on walls.  When I painted Alex’s jungle room, (sorry, no pictures for some reason), as stressful as it was to get it done, I really enjoyed the process.  It was the same for the starlings.  Even though my feet were killing from standing on the ladder for hours, I kept looking around the house afterwards to decide where and what I could paint next.

So what do you think?  Weird turkey vultures or cool, stylized starlings?



  1. Very cool, but I hope they don’t crap on your counter. LOL

    Maybe you should come over and paint a couple greyhounds on my wall and then take the actual shedding ones home with you.


  2. Oh my gosh!!!!!! I LOVE them. I’m SO jeleous. I have wanted to paint some tree silhouettes with a couple of birds in them for the longest time…just trying to figure out where they would look best and if I can really do it.

    I put some bird wall decals in our bathroom and it took Jason about a week to notice them. 🙂


  3. These are the best weird turkey vultures I’ve ever seen! 🙂 I love them, and I would love them to take roost somewhere in my house too. And how long till Luke noticed? Curious . . .


  4. I think he spotted them the following day. He had asked why the ladder was out and I told him that he had to figure that out himself. The next day I asked if he figured out what I was using the ladder for and he said yes. Nothing else, just yes. I don’t think he likes them and that was his polite way of telling me.


  5. […] things I make with the memories of what I was doing or watching at the time.  For instance, the starlings on my wall, I watched Dodgeball while I was painting them and now whenever I look at them, I think […]


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