Not on the list.

We’ll call it “1a”.

I mentioned my to-do list to my sister as we were walking through Jo-Ann Fabric looking for the fold-over elastic I need to make the 5-minute skirt from Angry Chicken and she wrinkled her eyebrows at me and said, “what about the book I gave you?”  Which reminded me that she bought me a great book called Sew What! Skirts for my birthday (I had completely forgotten).  And not only did she buy the book, she bought all the fabric and extras to make the basic drawstring skirt so I had no excuse for not making it.  I felt like a jerk for forgetting her present, so of course I had to make the drawstring skirt before I attempt the 5-minute skirt.

And here it is.  It was fairly easy to make.  The book’s basic premise is that you don’t need a pattern to make a great skirt.  Just measure yourself and follow the steps to add two inches here and six inches there and make to make whatever style skirt you choose from the book.  This one, the drawstring skirt, has a cute little round pocket and rickrack trim, which I love.  It’s a little big, but then it’s a drawstring skirt, so that may be the point.

It took me a little less than two hours to make it.  And I was even sober!  It makes me doubt my abilities to next tackle the 5-minute skirt.  I’m guessing it won’t be done in five minutes.


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