So far, so good. I’m working on the to-do list.

I managed to finish (well ALMOST finish) #2b last night. I’ve needed to finish painting my hallway for… um, two months now? It’s been a long time. I was so close to finishing last night but it got so late that I just didn’t feel like finishing the cutting-in around all the trim in the hallway. I’ll finish tonight and be done with that. Then I can make to-do item #2 and have something new to hang on the newly painted walls.

I worked on #6 and now have one finished and one almost finished Everyday Tote for my shop. The one pictured above is listed here, you know, in case you’re interested.

I should have worked on #3 beforehand so I had some cute clothespins for the photo shoot, but I just used the regular laundry-hanging clothespins and tried to crop them out of the picture.

So what’s up for tonight? Hmm… maybe I’ll work on that hallway artwork. Maybe I’ll just sit on the deck and sip lemonade. You never know.


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