10 Things On My To-Do List

There must be something about the hot July air that makes everyone less bloggy. There’s been a drought of blog posts all over, and I haven’t been able to come up with a thing to write about since last week. Several other blogs I read have been posting their “Ten Things” lists lately, which I think is a great idea. A perfect way to get out of actually writing something. So here goes, ten things on my to-do list right now:

1. Make this skirt. (I love the disclaimer at the bottom referring to how the time it takes to make the skirt is directly affected by whether you own a Serger, and how sober you are.)

2. Paint one of these for my hallway. (2b. Finish painting my hallway.)

3. Make some pretty clothespins, like these, to hang my purses from the clothesline so I can take photos of them for my shop.

4. Make some of these Scrabble tile pendants. Christmas is coming…

5. Make a lampshade like this one. (I saw a lamp at TJ Maxx last night with this shade on it, and I fell in love, but not totally in love because the lamp was $70 and, wow, that’s a lot for a lamp, no matter how cool.)

6. Make some more large tote bags and small everyday bags for my shop.

7. Buy this book and make everything in it. (This really should be numbers 7-10 since I totally love that bureau, the printed lampshade, and the printed sheets, which is something I’ve been wanting to do with some new, boring sheets I bought.)

8. Find something to do with the giant, 8ft piece of oak laminate I rescued from the dumpster at work, but which has been living in my living room for the past several weeks. Maybe I could make these vases?

9. Paint a funky floor cloth for my living room. It’s about time I made one for myself!

10. Sew some more produce bags. You can never have enough produce bags.

So there it is, my to-do list. Let’s see what I actually accomplish since in addition to not blogging, I’ve also been not sewing, not painting, and not crafting. I have been quite busy lately watching the butterflies, reading magazines on the deck, drinking lemonade, and swimming in the river, but not the productive stuff. Maybe next month…



  1. I have officially fallen into a depression. You do NOT even want to see my list of things to do. I’m gonna go cry now . . .


  2. loved the list! All those creative projects and bright colors made my day. Hope you cross lots of your list and have a ball doing so.


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