I confess…

DISCLAIMER: If talk of money and spending makes you feel stabby, please move on. I promise I won’t write many more posts about money, it just happens to be on my mind at the moment.

So, day two of the strike and I’ve already failed. Although Paula tells me that technically ice cream is a much-needed grocery store item, I specifically listed it as something we’d go without this week. And yet I bought a half gallon. But it was on sale! For $3! I was going to make ice cream with the ingredients I had on hand, but if you added up the milk and eggs and sugar I’d use to make one lousy quart, it would have cost more than $3. So I don’t feel totally bad. Only half bad.

Interestingly, not spending money has not been easy. I find this strange since I don’t have a lot of money and I don’t spend a lot of money, but apparently I spend a little money a lot of things. I was dying of thirst on the way to the grocery store where normally I’d but an iced coffee at the Dunkin Donuts, but not yesterday. I shopped thirsty. I was updating some things in my Etsy shop and saw some cute letterpress thank you cards that I love, and also something that would be a perfect gift for a friend. All totaled they would have only cost me $25 but I resisted. And hardest of all, there’s this song I heard in a store while I was shopping (hey, what a surprise) last week. I had the radio on over the weekend and I heard it again. I really like it but don’t know who sings it. I know if I go to the iTunes store I’ll find it in a second, but then I’ll want to buy it. It’s only a dollar after all. But NO! That’s how I get into trouble.

So I’m putting my blinders on. I’m not going to open the iTunes store. I’ll look the other way when I pass the Starbucks on my ride home from work knowing that there’s a pitcher of iced coffee in the fridge at home waiting for me, and I will avoid browsing Etsy when I’m bored. I can do it.

Good thing I didn’t proclaim that I’d quit spending AND Advil Cold & Sinus in one week. I don’t think I could handle that.



  1. The secret to not spending is not getting near the tempting stores. I thought that our rather large mortgage was the reason I don’t spend much money on shopping anymore, but I don’t think that’s it. The fact is that it’s a huge ordeal just to get to a store. We ONLY go when we really need to and that really cuts down on the spending. I’m tellin’ ya, move to the boonies and work out there too. You’ll spend half of what you do now.


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