On Strike

Not from blogging, don’t worry, I’m on strike this week against spending money. It’s been horrifying the past few weeks how fast my money disappears. Vacations and birthdays and gas and FOOD. Oh my lord I spend a lot on food. And not just iced coffees at Starbucks. I spend about $100 per week on groceries. FOR TWO PEOPLE. What the heck?

This week I’ve warned Luke that I’m not buying anything non-essential. In the grocery department I consider milk, eggs, fruit and veggies essential, but other than that we’re going to make do with what’s in the freezer and the pantry. No ice cream, no chips, no store-bought cookies, nothing! I’m also not going to shop anywhere else. Hardest of all, I will not go to Jo-Ann Fabric. I’m going to make do with the fabric I have and not buy more. There will be no eating out, no buying gifts, no spending money. I’m on strike!

Let’s see if it can work, and man I hope it does because I just got my property tax bill from the town and I can use all the extra bucks I can find. Anyone interested in some jewelry? How about a new purse? Just because I’m not spending any money doesn’t mean that you can’t.


One Comment

  1. I have also had these fits of no spending. Back in April I had pondered a nonconsumption month . . . didn’t last (who am I kidding? it never got going!). I have been more mindful at the grocery store–like you, I have no idea why it would cost $100 each week at the store for only two people! When I am careful, I can get this down to about $65. That’s my goal, anyhow. Best wishes to you for tackling the consumption mentality! Hope your efforts knock out a sizable chunk.


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