My Two Best Friends

Considering how much Advil Cold & Sinus Luke and I have purchased and consumed over the last three weeks, I’m sure we’re on some sort of meth lab watch list. I worried when I bought another box at CVS last night that they’d scan my driver’s license and some alarms would go off and I’d be denied the sweet relief that only Advil Cold & Sinus can bring. Luckily that wasn’t the case.

Yesterday I felt pretty rotten most of the day. I had run out of Advil Cold & Sinus on Sunday night, and because I was wearing a white dress yesterday, I decided not to risk the stains so I didn’t make my customary mug of coffee to take in the car on the way to work. All day I felt awful and my head hurt so bad, at times I couldn’t see. I left work and went directly to my two favorite places these days: Starbucks and CVS. I got a big iced coffee, I got another big box of Advil Cold & Sinus, and literally twenty minutes later I felt like a human being again. It was miraculous. And much-needed since I had some birthday and grocery shopping to do and the mall is not where you want to be with a blinding headache.

I got my shopping done, I came home and hung some wash out on my new clothesline (yay!), and then I finished what I started yesterday…

Mmm… Strawberry Rhubarb Pie. I didn’t take the pie out of the oven until 10:30 last night so I still haven’t tasted it, but I can tell you it looks amazing. I may have pie for dinner tonight. Maybe I’ll wash it down with a big iced coffee and some Advil Cold & Sinus. Hey, there are worse things, right?



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