How many is too many?

I bought a new pair of flip flops last night and when I came home, I saw this pile already sitting by the door. Is it possible to have too many flip flops? Let me also add that this is just the pile near the door. Meaning that these are the ones I’ve worn recently, but that there are more in the closet in the bedroom. I love flip flops and every year I celebrate summer by buying a new pair of Teva flip flops. I used to force myself to throw away last year’s pair when this year’s pair came home, but I love them all and in the past couple of years I haven’t gotten rid of any of them. I think the collection may have gotten out of hand. The Tevas, the Keens, the Birkenstocks, the cute beaded ones I bought on sale last night for $5… I think I might have to finally break down and throw a few away. And hey, Old Navy had a commercial this morning announcing their $1 flop flop sale this weekend!


  1. You are the reason that I own a pair of flip flops. After 12 years of them never touching my feet and me giving up on forcing my feet to learn how to walk in them, you introduced me to those feather light Tevas. Now I even own a handful of flip flops. Thanks Lisa!


  2. Flops are great if you are not walking fast. Otherwise they rule my world. And if you ever need justification for owning lots of shoes, I promise you can call me.


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