We’re Back!

Maybe I’m being punished for taking two vacations back-to-back, maybe I’m destined to catch a nasty, mean head cold every June, who knows, but I’m back from my double-the-fun vacation and I feel like I rode underneath the car the whole way home from Maine.

We had an awesome time and I took a ton of pictures, so while I lay on the couch and die of agony, please enjoy some shots of my week.

First, Airheads at the Aerodrome – camping in Milan, NY at the beautiful Wilcox Park…

A beautiful morning over our tents.

Waiting in line for dinner.

Friends and music.

Molly’s long-lost twin. She rode in a sidecar!

Now, switch gears to Maine with my mom, my sister, and her boys…

We fell in love with Old Orchard Beach.

And took about 140 pictures while we were there, it was just so pretty!

We splashed and played.

We even had fun on the cloudy days.

And I’m especially going to miss the sunrise view from my balcony.

Despite the evil plague that I’m under at the moment, it was a fantastic week and I’m not looking forward to getting back in the groove of work and responsibility and laundry and all that. But I am glad to be home again. I didn’t see Molly for a week and I was seriously missing my puppy contact. I practically stalked the poodle at Airheads, she was so cute, and yesterday when a sweet pointer-looking dog wandered over to the stand where we were having ice cream, I practically forced her to sit at my feet so I could scratch her ears and look into her sweet doggie face. Speaking of sweet doggie face, someone’s making powerful eye contact, trying to get me to step away from the computer.

If you want to see some more shots from the week, all the Airheads pictures are here.

And all the Maine pictures are here. (Beware: many, many Old Orchard Beach shots.)



  1. Welcome back and sorry to hear that you’re sick. I think you and I both proved that if you take a vacation, you get punished. I’m living through my own sort of hell now too. Hope yours gets better soon.


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