A Tomato Update

Have you been wondering about how my mixed-up, upside down tomatoes are doing?  You know you have.  Well check them out!  They’re doing amazingly well.  Both varieties are growing strong, and the Glacier Reds (I think those are the ones on the right side of the swing set – I’ll have to check the tags) they’ve already got beautiful little green tomatoes on them!

I think the hot, dry weather followed by the soaking rains may have damaged a couple of the new tomatoes – there are a couple looking like they will crack before they ripen – the rest are looking healthy and great.  Both types of tomatoes seem to have taken well to the containers and adapted to being upside down by sort of umbrellaing (did I make that word up?) around the bottom of the bucket and then growing up the sides a bit.

I’m interested to see how they do as the tomatoes get bigger, but for now they look great.  I just hope they survive the long weekend while we’re away.  We have a house sitter coming, but I feel bad asking him to drag the hose out and water the garden.  I’m sure he’ll be too busy snuggling with Molly to do much else.


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