Spreading the Virus

My sister and I chipped in and bought my dad an iPod Shuffle for Father’s Day. He’s taking a motorcycle trip to Nova Scotia around the 4th of July and has been talking about how he wanted to have something to listen to while he rides. I was worried, since it’s taken him two years to (sort of) memorize how to transfer the photos from his digital camera onto his computer, that he’s be overwhelmed by more technology, but the Shuffle is simple and straightforward and he seems to have mastered it already. My mom told me he spent most of Sunday night with the ear buds in, enjoying his new toy. A new iPod-lover has been created.

I asked my dad and my sister if they remembered that day at the K-Mart and my sister didn’t have any recollection, but my dad did. I asked him if he wanted to drop-kick me then and he shrugged and said, “eh, it was just like any other day.” So apparently I was always a brat. Some things never change.


  1. Wait, that didn’t sound good. I said that because I laughed out loud when I read that.
    Okay, nevermind…


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