Mystery Solved

OK, so maybe it wasn’t a mystery. I love my car for many reasons, but looking through my old pictures, now up on Flickr, I found something that never occurred to me before. Previous to my love affair with my Yaris, I had another car that I loved to death, literally. It was a 1987 Subaru Justy.

It was old and rusty and tiny and cute and even at 13 years old, it still topped 43 MPG. It was fun to drive and great in the snow, and it survived being totalled in a car accident, being run into by a deer (I’m not kidding), and ran for a couple of years with a cracked head gasket. I only begrudgingly gave it up for scrap when major parts started to fall off of it and then, after removing the engine and calling the scrap yard to tow it away, Luke decided that he needed to climb it. With his Jeep. And then his quad. It was an undignified end for my valiant steed, but what can I say? I married a crazy person.

So what’s the mystery? Well here’s my poor Justy, above, being violated. Now look at my spunky, little Yaris (below):

Notice any similarities?? I think my Yaris is my reincarnated Justy! No wonder I love it so much. Hopefully I never catch Luke trying to jump the Yaris with his dirt bike or anything, although I’d love it if I could own and enjoy the Yaris as long as I did the Justy.


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