Happiness is…

A dirty turtle…

Lately I have been obsessing over turtles. Why, you may ask? Because it’s turtle egg-laying season! Every year between my birthday and Luke’s birthday (also known as the beginning of June) the turtles come out of hiding and lumber up to the area around our house to lay their eggs. We live in a former gravel and sand pit adjacent to a river, which to turtles is the ideal nursery. Some years we see them everywhere, littering the yard like someone dropped them from the sky. Some years, like this one, we don’t see many.

Generally we see Wood Turtles and Snapping Turtles, but mostly Wood Turtles. We also have a prehistoric and freakishly large snapping turtle we see most years who I like to call “Big Bertha” and am always out on the look for.

I was starting to worry that I hadn’t seen any turtles yet this year, and then Saturday night: bingo. Molly found the first Wood Turtle. It was in the driveway and she was immediately in love.

So was I. How cute is she? We took some pictures and then left her to do her thing in private.

The next morning I was making pancakes when Luke yelled out that he saw Big Bertha in the garden. I ran out, leaving my pancakes on the stove, and found not Big Bertha, but maybe her daughter, a decent-sized Snapper.

Here’s my foot for a size reference.

And here’s my dumb cat who came trotting up and rubbed against the Snapper’s shell. She’s lucky she didn’t lose her leg. Snapping turtles are notoriously cranky and, well, snappy.

Oh, and my pancakes? They were black when I got back to the kitchen. Totally worth it

Also, in case you were curious, the tree frogs are out in force. Ribbit.


  1. Great pictures. I saw a HUGE snapper in the middle of the road yesterday. And no, I didn’t get a picture. This time it was Karlo’s fault, as my camera was locked in the back of the bike. But you made up for it.


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