No Proof

I’ve been busy, I swear. I just can’t prove it right now. I haven’t been taking pictures of some things I’ve done, and others I can’t show you because they’re surprises for certain people who may read this blog…

This week I managed to not only get halfway through one of my new books (Certain Girls – I heart Jennifer Weiner), but to also water my new trees, AND plant seeds in the garden. I also managed to get bit by something while working in the garden and now have an ominous red splotch on my calf that I’m keeping an eye on.

Last night after procrastinating for weeks, I finally started to make my the pajama pants I’m planning to give to my sister for her birthday. It’s the first time I’ve attempted to make clothes, and the first time I’ve tried to use a pattern, and those two things scared me into serious put-it-off-as-long-as-possible mode. After going through the process all white-knuckled, I really don’t know what I was so worried about. I think I like working with patterns! After about an hour and a half, I’m almost finished with the pants and they’re adorable. They were simple and they’re cute and I think I’ll make myself a pair when I’m done!

While I sewed, I also finished watching the first and second seasons of Weeds from Netflix last night, just in time for my scheduled delivery today of the third season, just released on DVD. I can’t wait. Much more sewing, and pajama pant-making and I promise, photo-taking to come this weekend. Have a great one!


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