S’mores Bites

Last night I was trying to come up with a quick and easy way to use the ingredients I already had in my kitchen to make a fun and interesting treat to take to one of the barbecues we’re going to this weekend. Among the random ingredients I had on hand were graham crackers, a bag of stale mini marshmallows (only the best for my friends), a bag of chocolate chips, and half a bag of mini chocolate chips. Hmm… I smell S’mores.

Now you may remember when I tried to make S’mores Becky Balls (on a stick). Those, while delicious, were a failure. I figured that this new idea couldn’t possible fail. I would warm four mini marshmallows on graham crackers in the oven, then smoosh them, sandwich-style, with another graham cracker and dip the whole business in melted chocolate. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Well… they’re pretty. And they’re good in the way that anything dipped in chocolate is good, but they just don’t taste s’mores-y enough. Perhaps if I had used fresh marshmallows? Full-size marshmallows? Or maybe Marshmallow Fluff? Ohhh… Fluff! I bet that would have worked. Oh well, I’m out of chocolate and graham crackers. If anyone has the urge to try this out with Fluff, let me know how it comes out!



  1. Those look amazing. But if they don’t taste “s’more’s-y” enough…could it be becuase you didn’t use open flame to make it?


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