I’m sitting here thinking about tonight and what I’m going to do to keep busy and I’m all excited to finish sewing a bag I started last night. While I was sewing that bag last night, I was watching again the first season if Weeds from the Netflix site and, oh my goodness I love that show, and how did I not realize that the cute William from P.S. I Love You plays the dead dad Judah on Weeds, and Weeds made me think of gardening and gardening made me think of this funny little exchange from yesterday that I need to share.

I was emailing my culinarily-challenged friend Paula and we were talking about the herbs I just bought for my garden and she wrote, “Make sure to plant the green things that go into mojitos.” to which I wrote, ” I did plant the green things that go into mojitos. It’s called MINT.” Those three sentences made me laugh all yesterday afternoon and this morning when I went out to check on my “green things” I laughed again. Thanks Paula for making me smile. Now let’s make some mojitos!



  1. This is just GREAT . . . now the whole world knows what a culinary-challenged idiot I am. Thanks Lisa! But with that said, I laughed pretty hard too.


  2. You know something? Between the three of us, I think we would be great…since I know that it’s mint that goes in a mojito, and I can make a great mojito, but I can’t grow it worth a damn! No worries Paula – all you have to do is DRINK them.


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