Ohhh yesss…

A couple of weeks ago I bought a large tub of plain yogurt and I have no idea why.  I must have been planning to make something but I can’t remember what it was.  I can’t let a big tub of yogurt go bad, so I’ve been using it here and there – in a potato salad, a creamy tomato sauce, etc. – but tonight I looked at that sad, purposeless container in the fridge and thought: frozen yogurt.

I had to look all over for my ice cream machine, I almost forgot I had one.  I used to use it so often, I considered buying another bowl for it because the one bowl I have takes about 24 hours to refreeze and sometimes that was too much time.  It’s been a couple of years since my last batch of homemade ice cream, so I dusted off the machine and started trying to figure out how to make this yogurt into something delicious.

The last time I made frozen yogurt, I tossed vanilla yogurt into the machine and hoped for the best.  What  I got didn’t taste like dessert, it tasted like cold yogurt (go figure).  This time I had to make it better.  Since I was using plain yogurt, I knew it was going to need sweetening.   I went to the fridge… well I had a batch of “nectar” I made for the hummingbird feeder.  It’s really just simple syrup.  That would do.  I had a third of a jar of caramel ice cream topping, too.  Yum.  And half of a chocolate candy bar I shouldn’t have bought at the store.  Perfect!

Let me tell you… if you’re afraid to cook, go buy yourself an ice cream machine.  You can’t go wrong.  I let the yogurt-syrup-caramel blend in the machine for about 20 minutes, then layered it with the chopped chocolate and froze it for an hour.  It was amazing.

I can’t think of anything else to say now because the inner battle I’m having is distracting me.  Part of me wants desperately to go back to the refrigerator and eat more.  Part of me is so full it wants to throw up.  That’s some good frozen yogurt.



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