An open call to those with a need for speed.

I decided that this year I would take over and make the plans for my own birthday celebration. That way I would get to have the fun I really wanted to have on my birthday. And you know what fun I really want to have? I want to race go-karts.

I blame my dad. He used to race go-karts before my sister and I were born and I must have a shred of that go-kart gene in my DNA because just looking at a go-kart makes me want to hop in and race. One year at Americade we raced the small, Funland go-karts with a big group of friends and it was so much fun I still smile just thinking about it. And those were about as powerful as my string trimmer.

This year for my birthday I’m going to race like a big girl, and you’re all invited to join me. On Track Karting in Wallingford, CT is an indoor race track for high-performance go-karts. The kind with 5-point restraints and helmets and neck guards. That’s what I’m talking about.

If I can gather a group of ten speed-racers to go with me, we can all race two 11-lap races for $30 per person. The normal rate is $25 per race, so this is a considerable deal. We’re planning to go in the early afternoon on Saturday May 31st followed by an after-race get-together at our house in the (hopefully finished by then) deck. If anyone is interested, either email me or comment on this post and I’ll get in touch with you about the details.

Come on! Race with me, risk whiplash and mild concussion and have one awesome afternoon on the track!

3 thoughts on “An open call to those with a need for speed.

  1. I am going to be in the Windy City that day!!! (I will refrain from saying “Sadly,” because you know that’s not how I feel about the visit.)

    I am sad to miss your birthday though…rain check? Drinks on the deck? PS, I promise to drink enough for you when I am in the Midwest.

  2. Despite the helmets and restraints, I don’t think they’ll let Jane in. But we’re in for the after-party!

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