Happy Thoughts

I saw my mom at t-ball last night and she told me that yesterday’s post was a big drag. Sorry, I’ll try to focus on the positive today. T-ball last night was a blast. I can’t believe how much better they’ve all gotten in the past three weeks. They’re still distracted, slightly mixed-up, five and six-year olds, but they’re starting to get the hang of the sport and they’re so CUTE!

Also, my camera? Still awesome from the mystery accidental button pushing incident. Look, I caught Cameron’s home run ball in mid-flight. Nice swing!

This little bugger was there, too, being adorable. I wore a hat to shade my lily-white skin from the sun and he wanted one, too, so I gave him this extra one that I had in the back of my car. Grandma supplied the chocolates and he asked both of us several times if we could go get ice cream. He’s definitely related.

Alex found another little boy to play with and we turned around at one point to see the two of them trying to move the goal. They were pulling so hard, it was painfully adorable.

Now let’s see… how about some other positive news. My car finally broke past the 38.5 MPG plateau yesterday. I was getting 38 MPG for a few weeks and yesterday after a fill-up I calculated it to be 38.54 MPG. I love my car. Get up from your desk now and go buy a Yaris, you won’t be disappointed.

Last night I saw 27 Dresses (very cute) and now I know what I want for my birthday: James Marsden. Pretty please? I don’t think Luke would mind. Also, after months of waiting I bought P.S. I Love You on Tuesday. Sigh… I love that movie.

OK, I have to go yell at someone now, all this happiness on a gray rainy day is just too much for me.


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